About Us


The Shack Canggu was started through the vision of having a small diner in Bali by a couple ; Uce Rayamaja and Ieda Puanani with their passion rooted from music industries and hospitality services. After drilling down ideas, came the notion of challenging and combining traditional conceptions of street food and adding some specific twist.

From finding the right venue, the developing concepts, finally it was time that words and thoughts were transferred into action. Shortly thereafter, the journey started with even wilder nuance. The unique accommodation all made of 20 shipping containers were added to enrich the whole concept, and becomes the great synergy with the original idea. Through support from families, partners, friends and local communities, The Shack Canggu becomes the sweetest reality from the dream.

Our menu does not stop evolving, there will be a lot of new tastes coming up, be it food, beverage, services or the music to please your whole experience.

“Always something exciting at The Shack Canggu”

Uce Rayamaja
Ieda Puanani
Chat with our team via WhatsApp
Chat with our team via WhatsApp